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NEHS Theater & Film

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North Eugene Theater and Film Company is the theater program at North Eugene High School. It gives students the opportunity to develop their talents on stage, behind the scenes, and on screen. NEHS produces a play in the fall, a musical in the spring, and student-directed one-act plays. Starting in January 2022, the company will produce the Corridor Production in the winter, a musical bringing together elementary, middle schoolers, and high school students in the North Eugene region. NEHS offers three drama classes for students each year: Comedy Improv, Intro to Acting, and Advanced Acting.

About the director

Aaron Thomas directs the North Eugene Theater and Film Company. He has taught theater for four years and Language Arts for 13 years. In 2008, he started the North Eugene Ukulele Orchestra, a student performance group that has played at the Eugene State of the City and led the Eugene Celebration parade. He runs the NEHS Shakespeare Club, bringing students to see world-class performances in Ashland each year. 

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