Coming Next Year:


Corridor Production

North Eugene Theater and Film Company is thrilled to announce the Corridor Production, an annual performance that will bring together elementary, middle, and high school students in the North Eugene district. Made possible by a generous grant from the Corridor Parent Teacher Association, the production will enhance exploration in drama, build community, and create a feeder program to support the dramatic arts in North Eugene. 

The play adds to North Eugene High School’s already dynamic theater program, joining our fall play, spring musical, and student-led production to add a youth-driven and collaborative offering to our community.

In addition to our theater director, we plan to employ a choral director and choreographer. NEHS drama students will work as acting coaches, vocal coaches, choreographers, and tech crew. They will be mentors and demonstrate what it’s like to be in high-school theater. 

Beginning in 2022, rehearsals will start in January, and we’ll perform a run of three to four shows every February.

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